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Call for Proposals – Logo Contest „50 years of diplomatic relations between Germany and Vietnam“

Call fỏ Proposals Logo Contest 

Call fỏ Proposals Logo Contest, © Colourbox-German Embassy Hanoi



The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Vietnam (hereinafter referred to as the German Embassy) aims to carry out public relations work in the interests of the Federal Government's foreign cultural and educational policy. This includes all measures that are suitable for directly or indirectly promoting Germany's reputation.

In cooperation with the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Vietnamese Embassy in Berlin, the German Embassy is looking for a contemporary, authentic and appealing logo for 50 years of German-Vietnamese diplomatic relations. The focus is primarily on the outside world (citizens, opinion leaders, multipliers).

The logo is to be used for the upcoming communication measures of the German Embassy and their partners as well as - after consultation - the Vietnamese government in 2025.

These include, among others: Publications, PR and marketing measures, events and functions as well as websites.


The task is to develop a new logo as a versatile brand for the anniversary year that incorporates the colors of the German and Vietnamese flags as a theme and includes the number 50.


In the creation of the logo, the following criteria should be met:

The following criteria are to be observed for the new development of the logo:

The logo should have an identity-creating and positive effect. A high recognition value should be given - concise and expressive in form and color, modern effect with an individual design and a timeless appearance.

It must be versatile and usable without restrictions (publications, events and functions, letterheads, website, promotional items, (social) media, etc.).

  • Associations with the themes: Diplomacy, cultural exchange, people, traditions
  • The design should be understandable at first glance and not require explanation.
  • The logo must be clearly recognizable as a large and small representation, both monochrome and multicolored.
  • This is particularly relevant for promotional items.
  • There must be no similarity or confusion with other logos.
  • No use of the figurative word mark of the Federal Government / German Embassy Hanoi (including the federal eagle, the stylized flag) possible.

Eligible Contestants

The competition is open to professionals and amateurs, agencies, institutions, groups or individuals (over the age of 18) with residence in Vietnam and Germany.

Employees and relatives of the German Embassy in Hanoi or the Vietnamese Embassy in Berlin may not take part in the competition. Legal recourse is excluded.


The submission of drafts is free of charge. No advance payments or other financial payments will be made. Submissions must be in electronic form and contain the following components:

Digitized form of the logo in common file formats (JPG, GIF), as well as vector graphics (EPS, SVG) to the following address: kultbot@gmail.com


The call for entries starts on June 15, 2024 and the deadline is July 31, 2024.

Decision Criteria/Prize/Reward

In a first step, a jury will select the participant whose entry most closely meets the criteria set out in point 3.


1. 20.000.000 VND & a return flight ticket in „Economy“ class from Vietnam Airlines from Vietnam to Germany or from Germany to Vietnam*
2. 10.000.000 VND
3. 5.000.000 VND

*The taxes and charges for the flight ticket are borne by the traveler.

In the event that the jury decides on the basis of the submitted designs that none of the submitted designs meet the criteria under point 3, the German Embassy reserves the right to issue a new call for entries.

The German Embassy reserves the right to publish several submitted proposals, naming the author (e.g. via social media Facebook/ X/ Instagram) and to hold a public vote on the best logo.

If a design is selected, the winner is entitled to the 1st prize listed in the call for entries as compensation for the final layout and the assignment of the full rights of use. By accepting the prize and participating in the competition, all claims against the German Embassy are subsequently settled.

The German Embassy reserves the right to actually use the logo even after the winner of the final layout has been selected and all rights of use have been transferred. This means that there is no entitlement to future use of the logo. Proposals submitted will not be returned and no reasons will be given for any rejection.

Copyright and Transfer of Right of Use

By submitting the design, the participant assures that he/she is the sole author of the submitted data or that he/she holds all rights of use without restriction. The participant is directly and personally liable for all claims by third parties in the event of an infringement of rights and for all damages. In the event of claims being asserted against the German Embassy by third parties, the participant is obliged to indemnify the German Embassy in full in the internal relationship. The participant declares his/her consent to the free publication of the submitted work in local and digital media (social media Facebook/ X/ Instagram), naming the author for PR purposes and, if applicable, public evaluation as part of the logo competition.

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