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From Berlin to Yen Bai: 10,000 trees connect people across continents

10000 Trees donated to Tram Tau protection forest during International Green Week 2020

10000 Trees donated to Tram Tau protection forest during International Green Week 2020, © GIZ/photothek

12.08.2020 - Artikel

A project to plant 10,000 trees began its final phase in Yen Bai, a mountainous province in Northern Vietnam, when a community meeting was held in March 2020 in Tram Tau District.

Quick training for villagers
Quick training for villagers© GIZ

Forty households signed up to plant the trees, marking the realisation of an idea developed at GIZ’s offices in December 2019, agreed with the Tram Tau Protection Forest Management Board and taken up at the International Green Week in Berlin in January 2020.

At Green week, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) raised awareness about the vital role forests play in ensuring sustainable development and in the fight against climate change. After completing learning modules on the world’s forests, visitors to the BMZ stand were given the opportunity to support the planting of a tree in Viet Nam.

Seedling transportation
Seedling transportation© GIZ

Fast-forward to April 2020, the planting sites have been prepared. Excess vegetation was cleared manually, and large rocks and stones removed. Planting holes were dug in lines and spaced as advised by technical experts from Tram Tau Protection Forest Management Board.

After the seedlings were distributed, the Management Board worked with villagers to ensure the planting was a success. In August, the new trees will be checked and any seedlings that did not survive will be replaced.

Seedling planting
Seedling planting© GIZ

The project underlines the principle that forests are a global resource. The commitment to support tree planting in Berlin has connected people from diverse backgrounds in pursuit of a common goal – to protect the world’s forests.

The Tram Tau Protection Forest Management Board intends to use the 10,000 trees project as a model for future forest enrichment projects.

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