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Schleswig Holstein

Bài viết

Schleswig-Holstein là bang nằm giữa biển Bắc và biển Đông, là cánh cửa dẫn đến Scandinavơ và các quốc gia lân cận ở Trung và Đông Âu.

Schleswig-Holstein, the federal state between the North Sea and the Baltic, is the gateway to Scandinavia and other Baltic states for Central and Eastern Europe.

Schleswig-Holstein was established in 1946 and its maritime location is the dominant factor. The Kiel Canal, the world’s busiest artificial waterway, and Lübeck, a Hanseatic city whose medieval town centre enjoys UNESCO World Heritage status, are the hallmarks of the federal state. Regenerative energies and environmental technologies are the backbones of the economy. Schleswig-Holstein generates almost 40% of the electricity it consumes using wind power. Future-oriented subjects such as medical technology, biotechnology, marine sciences and ICT are taught at the nine state universities.

In terms of culture, Schleswig-Holstein is famous for its Kieler Woche and the smaller Travemünder Woche which are the highlights on the international sailing calendar. But the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival and the Museum at Schloss Gottorf also attract big crowds. In summer, visitors from all over the world flock to this federal state between the seas. Hundreds of kilometres of Baltic and North Sea coastline with seven islands and its 140 lakes make Schleswig-Holstein a paradise for holidaymakers.

With kind permission of the Bundesrat (January 2013)

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