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Brandenburg, địa điểm của tương lai tại một Châu Âu thống nhất nằm tại trung tâm Berlin từng là trung tâm của vương quốc Phổ trước kia.

männliche Wissenschaftler Blick durch Mikroskop im Labor
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Brandenburg with Berlin at its centre is a forward-looking region in a united Europe, that was once the heart of Prussia. In the wake of reunification, today’s Brandenburg was created from the GDR districts of Cottbus, Frankfurt an der Oder and Potsdam. The Potsdam region is home to many research institutes and businesses but it can also hold its own as a university landscape with international reach. Potsdam-Babelsberg enjoys international renown as a media hub and film history has been written here since 1912. With its good motorway network, Brandenburg is an important transit state for trade with eastern Europe. But turning off the main transport arteries, the visitor can delight in 500 castles, monasteries and mansions. Much of the architecture and many of the parks appear on the UNESCO World Heritage List, including the famous Sanssouci Palace. The Cottbus region is home to the Staatstheater and there are keen audiences for theatre, opera, ballet and orchestral music. The region is also well known as the political and cultural centre of the Sorbs, a West Slavic people.

Sorbian traditions carry on today particularly in the Spreewald, a landscape of marshes and riverside forests, navigable along countless canals, which is Brandenburg’s most famous holiday destination.

With kind permission of the Bundesrat (January 2013)

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