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Không đâu trên thế giới này có thể tìm được một khu vực công nghiệp cao gắn kết chặt chẽ giữa quá khứ và hiện tại như bang Bayern.

It’s hard to think of any other highly industrialized region in the world that does such a convincing job of building a bridge between the past and the future as the Free State of Bavaria.

It has a history spanning more than a thousand years and is Germany’s largest federal state in terms of area and second most populous. Today, Bavaria encompasses the three regions of Altbayern, Franconia and Bavarian Swabia which all differ in terms of language, customs and outlook. These contrasts have generated a vibrant cultural landscape, not just in the capital Munich, but all across the federal state. Bavarian culture takes in four state and 17 municipal theatres with their own ensembles, art museums and even the Bayreuth Wagner Festival. But Bavaria is also well known for its carefully nurtured tradition of folk music and the Munich Oktoberfest.

 Bavaria remains Germany’s most popular holiday destination but it is also famous for its modern business structures with the industrial centres in and around Munich and in the Nuremberg-Erlangen-Fürth region. A strong SME sector in a wide range of fields as well as new technologies (including aerospace) have helped Bavaria develop from a largely agricultural economy to a modern industrial centre.

With kind permission of the Bundesrat (January 2013)

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