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Ngoài tiếng Đức chuẩn thì người của bang này có thể làm được tất cả và họ rất tự hào về bản thân. Không phải tranh luận nhiều: đây là bang nổi tiếng về công nghệ cao, chế tạo máy và sản xuất rượu nho.

People here are proud of being good at everything – except speaking High German. One thing’s for sure: Baden-Württemberg is not just top of the class in winemaking but also excels in the automotive and high-tech sector. Baden-Württemberg was formed in 1952 by combining the states of Württemberg-Hohenzollern, Württemberg-Baden and Baden. As the third largest federal state, its export figures are today amongst the highest in the Federal Republic of Germany. With its industrial high-tech, its automotive industry but also as the second largest wine producer, Baden-Württemberg has certainly made a name for itself.

But Baden-Württemberg also has a great deal to offer in the cultural realm. The capital, Stuttgart, is renowned for ballet. Baden-Württemberg is home to nine universities and a host of other higher education institutions. It is also an attractive holiday destination. Many pools and spas, fascinating towns and appealing landscapes such as the Black Forest, the Swabian Alb and Lake Constance draw thousands of tourists every year.

With kind permission of the Bundesrat (January 2013)

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